YouTube Video for Mobile Devices

Smartphones and tablets are driving a mobile revolution, allowing video to take the lead in a business once dominated television at a much higher cost.

Video accounts for the majority of mobile data traffic, according to companies that monitor traffic, and with the proliferation of tablet computers that is likely to increase.

The future of mobile phone technology is changing from purely voice transmission to video.

The world is now using YouTube to view videos for business

People are watching videos everywhere, all the time. Here are a few statistics:

 Youtube is among the TOP search engines! Some show YouTube accounts for over 45% of all Google searches. VIDEO is often how businesses GET FOUND and thus introduced to new audiences! released data showing that almost 300 million U.S. Internet users watched online video content in July 2015. YouTube recently announced that it had over 900 billion video views in the last 12 months. Its users are uploading more than 24 hours of video to the server per minute. The numbers are astonishing.

According to another study, among online marketing priorities for 2015, video was ranked as the top priority, ecceeding email, search marketing, and social media campaigns.