Video Production in 5 Steps

Step 1: Pre-Production

The first step in the video pre-production process is to list the topics, services or products that you want to include. We will then plan the scenes that we want to shoot. Scenes may be simply a one camera shoot featuring a single area of interest all the way up to a multiple camera shoot with many scenes shot with additional B-Roll footage. After all parties agree on the construction, length and finer details of the production a budget agreed upon and finalized.

Step 2: Script Authoring and Approval

After finalizing the pre-production process our writers will present draft scripts for your consideration and review. All scripts must be approved before overall production begins.

Step 3: Production

After all scripts are approved the actual shooting will begin. The business owner is obligated to insure that the site is available for shooting and all company personal selected for participation in the shoot are also on site and prepared. If professional talent is utilized we will manage these scenes independently. All of the scenes are now shot and readied for the post production editing process.

Step 4: Post Production & Editing

After the shoot is completed backup copies are created of all source material. Content from the shoot is then loaded into a computerized non-linier editing system. At this time the material is condensed in to a viewable video. Additional audio, video, music, graphical and special effects are then added and a draft is compiled for approval. After final changes are implanted and approved a finished copy of the video is submitted for final approval before distribution.

Step 5: Distribution

After the video project is approved it is readied for distribution on the Web (your website, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) broadcast television, social media and DVDs