SEO for Video in Rhode Island

Increase Search Engine Optimization with Video

Video is a great way to engage potential customers, improve search engine ranking, and increase online visibility. It’s also a great way in to increase the visibility of your business, improve conversion rates, and leads back to your website.

Rhode Island Multimedia will map out a strategy for your online video content that will boost your SEO.

While Google’s search engine logic is constantly changing, Google still favors content that encourages users to stay with a page. This is good news for video, as video consistently engages your viewers for a longer period of time than text. This lowers your bounce rate and increases the time visitors spend on your website.

Here are some things to consider when displaying your video for increased SEO…

Title – An attention-grabbing title can go a long way to drive viewers to your content. Rhode Island Multimedia will work with you to create a great title for your video that will help you get found in search results.

Keywords – The more precise the better. For example, a video title such as “lawyer” won’t yield good SEO results. Yet, “Rhode Island Bankruptcy Lawyer” will rank higher with Google’s search logic. 

Transcribe – As Google can’t yet read the audio content of a video in the same way they can process text, a good way to increase SEO is to create relevant keywords and phrases and then create a transcript of the actual verbal script in your video. This helps Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines find you more easily on the web. Rhode Island Multimedia takes care of inserting your keywords, phrases and script into your YouTube video as part of our SEO service package.

Get It Out There –The more places your video lives and is visible, the higher your SEO ranking will be. Rhode Island Multimedia embeds your video into your website and also posts it to your Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

Sharing is Key – Rhode Island Multimedia encourages you to share links with other relevant websites. Incoming links to your website is a great way to boost your SEO.