Rhode Island YouTube Video Business Marketing

Would you like to increase your visibility on the internet? Drive potential clients to your website?

Video business marketing is the most powerful method of reaching your client base and driving visitors to your website.

YouTube gets over one billion viewers every month, which means it’s only behind Facebook as a social media outlet. You can also post your videos to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and embed them in your website for global exposure to reach a wider audience.

YouTube video can be viewed by potential clients on their Desktop Computer, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone. YouTube Video is the perfect way to get leads because clients get to know your face, hear your voice, and see that you are knowledgeable and an expert in your profession. People get to know you and feel comfortable with you, before they’ve even met you.

Rhode Island Multimedia can create a powerful Video Marketing Campaign designed specifically for small businesses and professionals looking to generate more online traffic and increase business.

Is Video Marketiing for Business a big mystery to you?

  • Rhode Island Multimedia can help you get started if you’re unsure what kind of video would engage your audience.
  • We can help you author the right script that will educate, enlighten and introduce you to potential clients or customers.
  • Rhode Island Multimedia has the experience and all of the professional video production gear to produce quality videos that will reflect a positive image of your business.
  • Uploading shaky, poorly-lit smartphone video on the web is unprofessional and can damage the credibility of your business.
  • We know how to market your videos to your specific audience to achieve the best results while driving viewers to your website.

Our video marketing campaigns include all your video production requirements…

  •  We develop video concepts, discuss ideas, create storyboards, plan the day of the shoot.
  •  We shoot on location or we can provide professional video talent to create the perfect production for your business.
  •  After shooting is post production. In post production we add motion graphics, your company logo, explainer text and music to complete the final project.

When the video is complete we finalize the project.

  • We create and design a custom YouTube channel and then upload your videos to YouTube for broadcasting on the web.
  • Your YouTube videos are optimized for search engine so that they be found easily on the web
  • We will provide the code to embed your videos on your website so visitors can view your message while keeping them on your site longer.
  • We will help you embed your videos in blog posts, upload to Facebook and share on your favorite social channels!