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RI Multimedia Email Marketing Tips for Your Company

Email Marketing Done Right

Most email marketers want to do their email campaigns the right way. Marketers also want to know if the emails they are sending are reaching their recipients and if their target audience views them as a positive and useful experience.   We at Rhode Island Multimedia know that the nuts and bolts of email marketing can be challenging at best so we put together some marketing tips that will help you better understand how to do email marketing the right way.

Get permission first

No one wants to be bothered with useless or annoying emails. Without getting permission first you may receive spam complaints and even worse your emails may be ignored and viewers may opt-out altogether.

Be informative at the opt-in stage

Let your potential subscribers know what you will send them and how often. Recipients shouldn’t be surprised when they receive an email from you.

Use double opt-ins to confirm

Although it’s one more step for confirmation you’ll be better protect from receiving spam complaints Confirm with double opt-ins – While it’s a slight barrier to get your emails, double-opt-in protects you and your email provider from incurring spam complaints. Double opt-in also confirms that people are interested in your products or services and are willing to confirm it with a response.

Email market campaigns are better than newsletters

With an email marketing campaign you can target our audience and pin point messages with relative topics.

Send the right message at the right time

Out dated or incorrect offers will produce an unfavorable impression from your subscribers. Make sure that your content is current and relevant and aligns with what your subscriber signed up for.

Personalize your emails

If possible include more than your subscriber’s name. The addition of personalized information with relevant content will help you better connect to your recipient.

Keep you message short

People are busy and won’t take the time to read volumes of text. Keep the message short but provide a link to a web page with additional information for people that want to learn more about your products or services.
Email Marketing
Email marketing is an effective and economical method of reaching out to prospective customers and presenting your products or services to the community.
Email marketing by Rhode Island Multimedia is a great way to obtain new customers but it's also a perfect method of keeping in contact with existing customers. Existing customers can be notified of new products or service offerings and kept informed of recent events or news.