Direct Mail Business Marketing in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail - Value Marketing

What is Direct mail?

A direct mail campaign managed by Rhode Island Multimedia can be a highly effective way to target leads for prospective customers. Direct mail is also more economical than television and radio and it's measurable. Mail campaigns can be launched by any size company from small service shops, retailers and restaurants to large corporations.

Targeted Mailing List

A well researched mailing list is the most vital part of a successful direct mail campaign. A well organized mailing list is one of the reasons why direct mail is so effective. Mailing lists can be created based on product types, household incomes, zip codes, etc.

Direct Mail Ad Campaigns are Economical

You can adjust your direct mail marketing budget by sending postcards, letters, brochures, or even product samples. If your budget is small, post cards are inexpensive and cost the least to mail. You can also choose to do direct mail in coupon books and ad campaigns where the cost is split with other business owners.

Expand Your Market With Direct Mail

Not everyone owns or uses a computer. Direct mail marketing campaigns can reach people who are less likely to use the web to find a business. And remember, just because you have a website still doesn’t mean people will find your company. You choose the people that you want target by creating a well-planned mailing list.

Direct Mail Coupons

Most folks are more likely to visit a local business if they have a coupon in their hand. You can align your direct mail coupon campaign with holidays and major events when people are most likely to spend more money.

Folks Enjoy Receiving Mail

The United States Postal Service says that most people like to get mail: “Most folks look forward to receiving their daily mail. Also, 97 percent of people bring in their mail the day it’s delivered, and 78 percent sort through it immediately. “
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