Content Management Systems

The Power of Content Management Systems (CMS)

What is a Content Management System?

A Web Content Management System is a website platform that enables business users to update and administer their own website from any computer, anywhere, anytime! At Rhode Island Multimedia we build Content Management System websites for businesses and organizations that need to keep their content current, informative & interesting. Website administrators simply logon with a secure username and password to access our easy to use control panel. Text, images and video can be instantly uploaded and existing content may be changed instantly without waiting for a webmaster that may take days or even weeks and then charge you for each update.

Which is the Best CMS?

The most popular Content Management Systems are Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla. Each system is powerful and will provide a business or organization with the ability to update and administer their website anywhere, from any computer. The most powerful of the three CMS is Drupal. Drupal supports multiple user accounts and provides almost unlimited scalability for enterprise level websites. Wordpress has been gaining popularity because it is relatively easy to use but is limited in power for more advanced applications. Joomla takes the middle ground between Drupal and Wordpress but ranks last in popularity among developers.

How Much Does a Content Management System Cost?

You can expect to pay about three times the cost for a Content Management System as opposed to a "static" website. In the long run a CMS will cost less because you will not need to contact your webmaster for most routine updates and additions. The power to instantly react to changing market trends without the time lag and expense of bringing in your webmaster for additions and updates will also result in greater returns for any business or organazation.

Content Management Systems
Drupal is the "Cadillac" of Content Management Systems. Drupal supports multiple user accounts and features enterprise level security along with the power to integrate with the most advanced business applications.
Wordpress has evolved from a basic blogging platform into a rich Content Management System often used for websites that don't require upper scalability and multiple user accounts. Wordpress's relatively easy learning cure has made it the platform of choice for many entry level web developers.